Continental Sheepdog Championship 2021

Four years after the World Sheepdog Trials, we now return to the wonderful area of Hoogwoud, Netherlands to bring European handlers together at the official Continental Sheepdog Championship 2021.

Word of welcome

A lovely welcome in Hoogwoud during the Continental Sheepdog Championship 2021!

We feel greatly honored to be host and organize the CSC2021 in the Netherlands in August 2021. A wonderful event in which eighteen European countries will be represented by their best handlers.

A unique opportunity to let many (re)experience the beautiful region and sport.

Mayor Nijpels

It is with the greatest pleasure that I, on behalf of the Mayor and the City Council Members of Opmeer, announce that we will do our utmost to support you and your organization in facilitating the Continental Sheepdog Championship 2021 in Opmeer and Hoogwoud area.

In 2017 your organization organized the ISDS World Trials in Hoogwoud and it was a great, well organized, event. Our support to the Continental Sheepdog Championship is therefore more than logic knowing that this event will again contribute to the fame and appreciation of our community and the ‘Westfrisian’ region. We truly welcome this event in 2021 and all of us are ready to take our part in the organization.

Yours truly,

G.J.A.M.(GertJan) Nijpels, Mayor of Opmeer

The Continental Sheepdog Championship 2021 is being held in the Netherlands

In order to organize and run the event smoothly, the board has decided, after intensive consultation with COWS, to transfer the organization of the CSC2021 to the team that successfully organized the World Sheepdog Trials in 2017.

We trust that Erik Groot and his team will take great care to establish a well-organized event again. Which now meets extra challenges due to COVID.

BCCN (Border Collie Club Nederland) wishes Erik Groot and his team the best of luck.

Nico van Schooneveld,
Chairman of the BCCN

Main Sponsor CSJ

CSJ is still one of the fastest growing dog food brands.

CSJ started back in 1998, inspired by the fact that international sheepdop trialist Ceri Rundle found it impossible to find extruded dogfood that was both of great quality and affordable.

With the help of veterinarians, a herbalist and one of the UK’s top ranking nutritionists, Rundle developed a unique range of natural foods, herbs, supplements and snacks for working dogs.

It is not without good reason that CSJ is today’s first choice for many top dog handlers in various dog sports.

Participating countries:

Sponsors & Partners:

Sponsors & Partners

We value the trust given to us by partners and sponsors.

In particular, we would to express our appreciation for the support from the Municipality of Opmeer, CSJ, the land owners, local entrepreneurs and our regular suppliers.

Would you also like to be part of the Continental Sheepdrog Championship and discover together how you might be able to contribute to this unforgettable event in your own way?

Please contact us.


Visiting a public event during the corona pandemic?

Unfortunately, the future is hard to predict. We are striving to organize an event at which an audience of spectators can safely and responsively attend. However, the developments surrounding corona might mean that the public is not allowed on the competition areas during the Continental Sheepdog Championship 2021. At this moment, we are not able to make any statements about this yet. Fortunately, a lot can still change for the better. In the meantime, we would happily keep you informed.

Keep a close eye on our social media outlets for the latest updates.

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