The herds of Tjitse Terpstra, Marijke Dirkson and Martin Orij

This year in late summer, the sheep of Tjitse Terpstra will be used for the competitions of the Continental Sheepdog Championships of 2021. For the ceremonial opening of the event, the herd of Marijke Dirkson and Martin Orij will be used.

Tjitse’s herd consists out of 340 so called ‘Schoonebeker heath sheep’. The wooly ladies are usually to be found in Zwolle, where they are known as the Zwolse Schaapskudde.

Every year, Tjitse proudly travels his way across neighbourhoods with his herd. He passes through Stadshagen, AA-landen and Holtenbroek to carry out ecological management there. When you ask Tjitse what he is most proud of, he smiles and says ‘Jim’: his dog who manages to maneuver the entire herd through the city. It is a wonderous sight.

Marijke and Martin, of landscape Management Rinnegom, have a flock of 250 sheep and have been nationally known for their professional approach: they use the sheep to manage nature and public green spaces. The sheep are of the so called ‘Kempische heideschapen’ breed and are used to dogs being around them. They will be present at the opening of the event and give a beautiful outline.

We are very much looking forward to the beautiful pictures and views that these herds will provide is with in August!